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Look: Numbers!

I noted in my response to Bobby Buckeye that the Ohio State offense wasn?t exactly running laps around the good defense in their schedule. While I certainly wouldn?t blame you if you did, you don?t have to take my word for it.

2005 Ohio State Offense
Opponent Opp. Def. Rank Opp. Avg Yds OSU Yds
Miami (OH) 39 347 382
Texas 10 303 255
SDSU 83 406 375
Iowa 67 383 530
Penn St 12 305 230
Mich State 87 410 386
Indiana 93 418 478
Minnesota 90 413 449
Illinois 115 469 526
Norhtwestern 117 480 422
Michigan 36 345 418
Notre Dame 75 397 617

The average Buckeye opponent defense was ranked #69 in the nation, surrendering an average of 389 yards per game. And against the three opponents with defenses not to be embarrassed about, Texas, Penn State, and Michigan, the offense wasn?t particularly successful. Considering Justin Zwick was part of the Texas game, we?ll ignore that. But Troy Smith was certainly playing against Penn State. That was a tough, evening, road game played at night on ABC. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

The troubles for Ohio State at night appear to be a recurring pattern; Phil Steele notes that Ohio State has lost five straight night games. On September 9th, the Buckeyes will travel to a hostile environment, against a nasty defense, in a game to be played at night on ABC. Is it that big a stretch to think the ?Horns are going to win this game? With a freshman quarterback, who knows, but it certainly wouldn?t be the upset of the year if we did.