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Afternoon Tea

I've been slacking in my trips around the college football blogosphere, so let me get you caught up on some of the best stuff you may have missed:

*I asked Kyle what Georgia fans were expecting this year, what with the turnover at some key positions. Looks like a healthy dose of guarded optimism. Sounds right to me. Richt wins every year - it's just a matter of degree.

*Brian continues his must-read "Most Loathsome People In Sports" series with #31-40.

*If you missed my note earlier, SMQ has acquiesced to our demands. Texas preview is up. It's terrific.

*Orson's back from vacation. He's no doubt enjoying the boost in traffic that his heavy-hitting guest bloggers brought with them... He's also writing stuff far, far funnier than any of us could muster. Your Week 3 viewing guide is up.

*Yost found Lloyd Carr's playbook. Hilarious.

*Big 12 media week continues, and Texas took the podium today. I'll have some afternoon analysis for you shortly. Big 12 media day central here.