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Ramonce Taylor, Former Longhorn

I take no great pleasure in seeing Ramonce Taylor leave, but it appears that the troubled tailback will transfer to an NAIA college. Taylor had been suspended from the team this spring to improve his grades when he was arrested and charged with felony drug possession. If the reports are accurate, this will put an end to the speculation of when, or whether, Taylor might return to the team.

I said from the beginning that Taylor had probably pushed the envelope too far with his latest transgressions. With the recent spate of scandalous news hitting some of the nation's top programs, Ramonce Taylor's likelihood of returning seemed remote. It appears the speculaltion will now end. With Jamaal Charles, Henry Melton, and Selvin Young - not to mention freshman Vondrell McGee and others - Texas is plenty deep at tailback. Taylor's playmaking skills will be missed; his immaturity will not.

Best wishes to Ramonce in whatever his future travels bring.