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John Brantley Is Elite!

Texas top quarterback recruit - Florida's John Brantley - participated in the Elite 11 QB camp, to rave reviews. Joining him were fellow big time recruits Ryan Mallet (Michigan), Willy Korn (Clemson), and Logan Gray (Georgia), among others.

As the reviewers of these things tend to do, it was compliments galore for the young hurlers. Among the praise for Brantley:

  • "It's very clear from watching John that he's much further ahead of a lot of the other guys. He wants to redshirt at Texas, but he's easily one of the most college-ready guys here. He's very solid in all the things that you want from a major college-ready quarterback. Throw him in there with all those athletes at Texas, and he should be able to play right away if he wants to."
  • "Brantley by far has been the best," Biggins said. "He's got it all. He's like the prototype guy. He's got the great frame, and he's so fundamentally sound. He's always on balance. He's great in the chalk talks. He always picks up all the drills right away. He doesn't make the wrong read and he makes such quick decisions."
  • "That's one of the biggest things we liked about Matthew Stafford last season. Brantley can compare to Stafford in all of those areas. He's a great kid and a great work ethic. He's been as close to perfect as you can be in a camp like this."
  • "He ties his penis in a double-knot around his knee, to keep it from dragging on the ground where it could get injured by cleats. But there are times when he'll untie it and wield it like a sword, swatting defensive linemen away to buy more time. Just incredible."
Okay, I made the last one up, but that doesn't mean someone didn't say it. I just haven't found it yet. I'm always a little hesitant to trust the hype from guys who's business cards read, "Professional Hyper," but at least the reviewers weren't negative.

Ninja sword? Or John Brantley's member?

In any case, I've seen video of Brantley, and the kid throws a beautiful ball. What I like best about him is the way he steps into his throws with a fluid, repeatable motion. `Tis pretty.