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What To Watch?

Let's say it's September 2nd and you're only allowed to watch one of the following games. Which would you choose, and why?

Yes, Miami-Florida State is on Monday night, but for the purposes of this little game, you can only select one of the above.

Me? I'm torn, as in reality I'll watch parts of each of these, without a doubt. But the Cal-Tennessee game looks intriguing. They're two teams with a lot of talent that I'm just not sure how to evaluate at this point. Based on intrigue alone, that's my choice as:

*I don't see USC-Arkansas being as competitive as some will hope.

*The Notre Dame and Georgia Tech matchup could be a potential trap for the Domers during some weeks, but not to start the season. The Irish will prevail.

*Miami and FSU is always a fun game, and... wait, no, last year's game was atrocious.

*Auburn should have no trouble with the Cougs at home.

What's your choice?