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What To Watch, Week 2?

The general consensus for Week 1 was that, if we had to choose one non-Texas game to watch, we'd choose California at Tennessee.

My guess is that there won't be the same consensus in Week 2, with three genuinely compelling games that I'm torn between. The week's best:

Remember the rules: you only get to watch one of these games. Forget about Texas and Ohio State that evening. We'll obviously all be watching that.

So which game do you choose? I love the SEC opener between Georgia and South Carolina. I'm quite eager to see how both these teams will look this year, and while I like the Dawgs on paper in this one, it won't be easy to beat Spurrier's squad on the road. Terrific game.

And then there's Notre Dame and Penn State. I'm not one of those that believe the Domers will stumble against Georgia Tech, but if there's a team early in the schedule that might give the Irish fits, it could be Penn State. Why? They're loaded with speed on offense, and we saw what happened to Notre Dame the last time they faced a speedy offense. Will we see high grass in South Bend once more?

But my choice for the weekend is the ACC matchup between Clemson and Boston College. These are two very interesting teams in my mind, and I've gone on record with Boston College as my underrated team this year. I'm not generally a big ACC football watcher, but this year's conference race looks terrific. Clemson, BC, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and even Wake Forest will all field competitive teams.

Your turn, readers.