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The Other New Guys

As we continue the countdown to 2006 college football, one of the interesting projects is getting to learn the new names and faces that are likely to contribute. Today we'll take a look at five true freshman Big 12 South players that Texas fans will want to know about.

Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma Wise Texas fans know that Tommie Harris had as much to do with our four-year drought against OU as anyone else on the field during that time. With McCoy, the Sooners may be getting another gaillardia aestivalis in the middle. He's easily the most important recruit OU brought in.

Ugo Chinasa, DE, Oklahoma State He's big, tall, athletic, and the Cowboys best 2006 recruit. He's known more as a pass rusher, using his quickness and athleticism to beat blocks. Is likely to see playing time right away.

Gary Darnell, Defensive Coordinator, Texas A&M Ha! Okay, okay: cheap shot. Darnell is bringing a 4-2-5 defensive scheme to try to help last year's awful Aggie defense, which may prevent 2006 linebacking recruit Anthony Lewis off the field. Too bad for the Aggies, who last thought "Wrecking" and "Crew" together in the 20th century.

Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma If quarterback Rhett Bomar is going to take a step forward this year - which Sooner title hopes depend on - true freshman Jermaine Gresham could be a big reason why. At 6-7, 230, he's got the size to play right away. He can already move well, he's a polished blocker for a young player, and Stoops won't be afraid to use him.

Adron Tennell, WR, Oklahoma "Only" 6-5, 200, Tennell looks like Roy Williams and Limas Sweed. The Sooners certainly aren't lacking in receiving options, and they have that Peterson guy who can run a little. If Bomar can't find success with this group, he never will.

Of course, we've covered all the Longhorns exhaustively here at BON. Browse through the Recruiting Section for news on the Horns players that may see action in 2006, including Vondrell McGee (replacing Ramonce Taylor?), Chykie Brown, and Sergio Kindle.