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Morning Coffee

Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July. Don't look now, but we're less than two months from football season. On to the notes:

*There's a new poll in the right column of the main page, asking who you want to see emerge as Texas' starting quarterback. Please vote when you get a chance.

*Sean's got an interesting 'what if' piece started, inspired by last night's events. Just a few adendums, Sean. I'm pretty sure Bob Stoops forces women home at gun point, Jim Tressel bribes 'em with gifts, and you were correct to leave off Dennis Franchione - he's still in the shed with a sheep.

*Speaking of interesting 'what if' scenarios, CFR has one going on potential CFB trading. Curiously, in his example, he suggests Ohio State go for a wide receiver. It's not so much that I disagree that they need someone opposite Ginn, but rather that they'd be better served by trading for a fierce middle linebacker to replace Hawk immediately and anchor the new unit. 9 of their 11 defensive starters from last year are gone.

*Nico has an interesting thread breaking down the best games to watch. Today's entry tackles Part 3 of Week 1.

*The Wiz notes that some opening lines have been posted for early CFB games. Some lines of note: USC is favored by 10 over Arkansas. Auburn -11 over Washington State. Cal -2.5 at Tennessee. UCLA -5.5 over Utah. And Texas -40 over North Texas.

*Coming up later today: a look at the 2003 season, as well as an introduction to 12 freshman conference players you'll need to know in 2006.

*Lastly, if you have not signed the damned petition yet, go do it now. We're at 252 signatures - within spitting distance of the required 300 to initiate action. Get it done so I can quit bringing this up.