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Morning Coffee

Powered by a vicious hangover, courtesy of the traveling salesman from Detroit, on to the notes:

*The official Texas Sports positional previews are rolling out. Yet another sign that we really are inching closer to kick off. Did I mention I'm moving back to Austin?

*Yost and Co are picking up a favorite Burnt Orange Nation pastime - making fun of Mark Mangino.

*Two excellent posts over at Georgia Sports for you to check out. First, PWD notes his winning percentage in game's he's attended. Fortunately for him, he's not the Bad Luck Guy, as GA's record when he attends is better than the overall mark. This is a dangerous post idea - as if one of my friends suddenly told me, "Gosh, you know what? Texas is 0-9 when I go to games!" I'd most certainly forcibly keep them out of any future Longhorn contests. That may seem harsh, but priorities are priorities.

While you're over there, check out Paul's find on where the NFL talent is coming from.

*Nico's RBR has quickly become one of my favorite morning destinations. There's always something I want to read.

*And speaking of favorite morning destinations, Kyle is headed to the archives to prepare us for football season. First up are his thoughts on the BCS. Good stuff.