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Morning Coffee

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Apologies for the light posting. I'm moving, which is all you need to know. Once the madness ends this evening and I'm all packed up, we'll get back to business tomorrow with more season previews.

Powered by unusally high levels of natural testosterone, on to the notes:

*Rod Wright signed with the Miami Dolphins. If the reports that he'd been playing with a rotator cuff injury are true, he's still got potential as a pro. He definitely faded as a Longhorn, though.

*Former Longhorn standout Ray Dowdy, who played on the 1970 national title team, passed away at age 56.

*Incoming freshman center Dexter Pittman recorded a game-high 30 points and 12 rebounds (Game MVP), leading the South team to a 122-116 victory at the annual Texas High School Coaches Association All-Star game on Monday. Let me just say: I already love this guy. For one thing, look at Big Dexter:

Loves hook shots and cookies. Also cheetos.

Reports from the scouts are all raving about the incoming Horns, which I'm positively excited about seeing this winter. I hope Half Court Rick is true to his word and lets this team run and gun.

*Today's wild news comes courtesy of Bruins Nation, who note the odd circumstances surrounding the Ting brothers' recent departure. Turns out they got death threats following the Texas loss. And we keep calling USC fans dispassionate? Perhaps not...

*Brian survived to Day 2 of the World Series of Poker. We should praise him and give him gifts. Freaking cool.

*Lastly, a little business matter. The zany EDSBS boys have outgrown their home. If, like me, you've gotten more than your fair share of laughs and entertainment from them, go throw 'em a couple 10 bucks or so.