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Morning Coffee

The Horns donned pads for the first time in practice this season, to Mack Brown's delight. He notes in his practice comments that he was "scared to death" of shoulder injuries when the team was working out sans pads. Other important notes from Mack's comments: Quan Cosby is in much better football shape than he was last year and is running better routes, while Tony Hills (who figures to start at left tackle) "has the chance to be as good as anybody in the country."

Geoff Ketchum notes that Jevan Snead is making some "wow" plays, but McCoy has been incredibly steady. Other notes from Ketch: Erick Jackson is playing well and will push Marcus Griffin for playing time at safety. Limas Sweed looks "like a Sunday player." Roy Miller is down to 290 pounds and looking tough.

This is why I love Kyle. In today's entry, he slaps a bell clap on the punditocracy, taking down Mandel, Maisel, and Bob Ryan all at once.

Orson brings in the esteemed Phil Steele for an interview. Check out the pocast.

RBR goes international. Very cool. If there are any Longhorn fans reading from afar, email us and let us know.

The Wiz is recruiting slackers. It's a relative term, of course. A lot of work must go into that blog...

Later today, our first crack at a Preseason Top 25.