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BON Preseason Top 25 - Last Draft Before Submission

Alright readers, I?ve got to submit my preseason Blog Poll ballot in just a few short days, so this is the last Top 25 draft before I submit the official BON entry. As before with our early look at the Top 10, comments, suggestions, belittling are all encouraged. You?ll be especially pleased to note that I completely left off Oklahoma from the ballot. Big Red Imports offered me a car to include them, but I?m above that. No sir.

The ballot:

Burnt Orange Nation Preseason Top 25
Team Comment
1. Texas The defending champs stay on top, with the talent to repeat.
2. Southern Cal Do. Not. Write. This. Team. Off.
3. Auburn The stars seem aligned. It?s still the SEC, though.
4. Notre Dame Hard to imagine running the table on this schedule. This offense might be able to.
5. Iowa They?ll beat tOSU at home for the Big 10 BCS berth.
6. Ohio State Exact same season as last year. Loss to Texas; close road loss in the Big 10. BCS berth.
7. Louisville Petrino beats Rodriguez for Big East title.
8. Florida It?s the defense I love. And the schedule I fear.
9. LSU Dinged Les Miles points. Sorry.
10. California They?ll win at Neyland. But won?t beat the Trojans.
11. West Virginia Another 11-1 season. Not enough in the Big East.
12. Florida State I?m coming around on Weatherford. I may regret this.
13. Miami The Coker franchise is fraying at the edges.
14. Clemson The ACC is confusing. Anyone could win it. Watch out for Clemson.
15. Michigan The classic Michigan hedge rank. Who knows?
16. Georgia It?s all about ?07. The Stafford era begins.
17. Nebraska Key game: 10/7 at Iowa State.
18. Penn State It?s a solid team, but an incomplete one. Three losses.
19. Boston College If they?re going to break through, this is the year.
20. UTEP Requisite ?dark horse? team. Shrug.
21. TCU Recruiting is up, up, up. Impressive.
22. Oregon Clemens ?05 injury helps this year?s team. Defense worries me.
23. Arizona State Yay for lots of yards. Yikes for long way to go on defense.
24. South Carolina Aw, hell! Obligatory Ball Coach vote.
25. Texas Tech Taurean Henderson?s presence will be sorely missed.