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Morning Coffee

Hope you've already got your season tickets. The University set a new record.

TexasSports interviews: Frank Okam. Brian Robison. Selvin Young. Drew Kelson.

Jake gets on my good side, ranking Texas #1. I approve.

RBR plows forward with the What To Watch series. Just a reminder that RBR should be a daily visit for the college football addicted.

As if the premature/reasonably anticipatory/somewhat obligatory preview bonanza weren't enough, Sunday Morning Quarterback takes the plunge into conference breakdowns. Outstanding.

The ACC odds are out, and they're surprising. Boston College is 15-1? Clemson 10-1? Placing a sizable wager on both of those schools is smart money. One of the two hitting is far from a longshot. Great odds.

Today is my last day at work before the move, and I've got oodles to do. Light posting today, and see you mofos in Austin. Hook `Em!