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Live From Nashville

I've raced into a hotel just outside Nashville to watch Vince Young and the Titans' first preseason game against the New Orleans Saints.

After Billy Volek played the entire first quarter, and half the second, Vince Young entered the game for his first ever professional experience.

We're at halftime now, but Vince has been at the helm for two series.

Series 1
First down and 10: Young hands to Chris Brown for a 2 yard gain.

Second down and 8: Young play action roll out to the left, doesn't find anyone open, keeps the ball for a 2 yard gain out of bounds.

Third and 6: Vince throws to tight end Troupe, who drops the pass. Should have been caught.

Series 2
First and 10: Hand off, 2 yard gain.

Second and 8: Hand off, 3 yard gain.

Third and five: Young out of the shotgun for the first time. Takes the snap, makes a quick throw over the middle for a 10 yard gain, first down.

First and 10: Young holds the ball too long, takes a sack for a four yard loss.

Second and 10: Incomplete pass, thrown behind the receiver. You can see him thinking a little bit too much right now as he learns the offense.

Third and 10: Long pass down the sideline into double coverage; incomplete.


Series 3

(The Titans get the ball back with 15 seconds left after intercepting the Saints.)

First and 10: Vince pumps a deep pass, evades an oncoming rusher, breaks to the outside and picks up 12 yards. Vintage Vince play that Texas fans are very used to seeing.

Titans go for the field goal as the half expires.

So here we sit at halftime. It's likely that Vince will see some action in the third quarter; if he does, I'll note how he looks.

For now, he's clearly thinking a lot while he's out there, which is to be expected at this point. The one pass he completed came after his first look out of the shotgun, where he looked more comfortable. There's going to be a big adjustment period for VY, but it'll come.

The scramble was fun to watch, and a reminder of the extra dimension he brings with his game. The other thing about Young is he manages to never take a big hit; I've never seen a player avoid getting cracked like Young does. It's one of the less mentioned, but very impressive, skills he has.

I'll have more on the second half if he plays.