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Vince Young Update...

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Vince Young Update--by Will Allensworth (Red Blooded)

Vince Young is  confident and pleased after his first preseason performance and, more importantly, will have a quick and uneventful recovery from a minor ankle sprain suffered in Saturday's loss to the New Orleans Saints.

The good : He had a good rush on the left side and made a couple great passes. His yards would've been doubled if Roydell Williams could catch.

The bad: He's holding on to the ball too long. He also ran out of bounds for a 5 yard loss (sack) rather than throwing the ball away. That's an unnecessary mental error.
The ugly: Horrible throw while being sacked that should have been a pick. In the NFL Vince will have to learn that he cannot do everything on his own and sometimes it's better just to tuck the ball and take a sack.All in all it was a very respectable first time performance for VY. Preseason is when pundits and fans alike overanalyze every miniscule play -- can't really blame us, we are all so ready for football. I remind others that bad plays are obviously going to be magnified in preseason because the players have not had an opportunity to be coached. What we saw were a few easily fixable mistakes on Vince's part combined with a few plays that reflected Vince's natural potential. Remember as well that it was his first time to compete on the NFL level.

The player Vinceaniacs should really be watching is Billy Volek, as his preformance ultimately will determine when/if Vince gets to start this year. Regardless of what happens in the preseason, he's still the starter on September 10th. Young won't get his chance to play this year unless Tennessee has a meltdown, and if Volek has a stellar year I cannot see that happening. He's preformed extremely admirably in his few NFL starting efforts (specifically his historic two week preformance vs. KC and Oakland in 2004). If he proves reliable and consistent in the preseason, and that carries into the regular season, it's not inconceivable that Vince rides pine for a year. But would that necessarily be a bad thing?

Thank God football is back.