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Recruiting Update...

Klein High School offensive tackle J.B. Shugarts is unequestionably one of the top ofensive lineman in all the country, and he may even be the #1 recruit in the state for the class of 2008.

Shugarts is 6'7" and 295 pounds.  Not bad for a kid who's barely legal to drive.  By the time he plays his first college game, he'll undoubtedly be 15-30 pounds heavier, hopefully in muscle mass.  Despite being so big, the kid runs a 40 in 5.15 seconds.  As of now, Shugarts has verbal offers from Texas A&M, LSU, Ohio State, Auburn, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Florida.  Shugarts has also expressed his interest in Penn State and Texas.  He plans to take several unoffical visits this fall to see in person some of the more dynamic atmospheres in all of college football, including a visit to DKR when the Horns take on Ohio State.
"I'm going to the Texas vs. Ohio State game," Shugarts said. "And I'm going to try to get up for a home game at Ohio State. I was going to try to go to the Penn State vs. Ohio State game and I am going to the Red River Shootout. I'm going to a lot of A&M games. I don't know which ones but all my friends go there. I only live about an hour away from College Station."
So what will it ultimately come down to?
"Academics is a big part of it," Shugarts said. "But when it actually comes down to football, it's the opportunity to win. I'm looking at what they have to offer like what kind of players are already there and what kind of players they are bringing in. The coaches and my position coach are important. I they are bringing in. The coaches and my position coach are important. I want to win a national championship. Pretty much every school that I'm into could contend for a national championship in the next five years."
There's going to be a lot on the line on Septmeber 9th when the Buckeyes roll into Austin in addition to national championship aspirtaions.  The winner will have the inside track on some of the nation's prize recruits in and outside of the state of Texas. Oh one more thing B.J. If you want to win, go ahead and scratch A&M off that list of yours. There's absolutely no way they're competing for a national title in the next five years.