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Quick Hits...

Let's see what's being said around the world of college football.

*MGoBlog has a funny and mildy disturbing anecdote on sophomore Ohio State tackle Alex Boone.  Damn!  Can that possibly be true?? I guess it's not funny that he's battling alcoholism, but that's a lot of beer.

*SMQ continues his ridiculously thorough and entertaining coverage with a look at Jefferson Pilot Sports.  Let's see.  He's done previews of just about every team, every conference, and now the networks covering the games.  For all the SEC fans who've endured JSP's coverage of Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt games, it's a funny, must-read.  

*Take a look at this picture of Mack Brown and tell me what you notice?  

*We've been waiting to see where MattH ranked the Sooners in his preseason polls.  He recently posted a diary, but you can check them out here .  I actually think that the loss of Bomar won't hurt the Sooners as much as people intially thought, but it's going to take an impressive winning streak after OU's inevitable loss to the Horns if the Sooners are indeed going to fulfill Matt's prophecy.

*That's all for today.  We all miss Peter, but better to get some coverage from a Bean, than no coverage at all. Oh, and for my efforts, y'all have to check out my site, BehindtheSteelCurtain . I've got my top 5 offensive performers from week 1 of the NFL preseason. For all you Cowboys fans out there, backup QB Tony Romo snuck onto the list with his impressive 19-of-25 performance.