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Afternoon Tea

Things are getting settled here in the new place, so let's try to get back into the updates.

Suzanne Haliburton with a nice piece on the two tight ends, Jermichael Finley and Neale Tweedie. The most interesting note comes toward the end when it's explained that both players will need to be adept at both catching and blocking, so as not to giveaway the play call by their presence. Also interesting: the Horns will use two tight ends, rather than a fullback, more this year.

I knew this was coming. It's the same thing in every news cycle: an event occurs, all the journalists scramble to say the same thing about it, then inevitably, after it's no longer chic to say that, someone starts the counter-point. It's already happening with the Bomar-less OU. Bruce Feldman starts the OU might be better off without Bomar campaign. I'm hearing rumbles of this elsewhere, too.

I'm sure Paul Thompson's a dandy of a fellow, and it's terrific that his teammates love him, and it sure is swell that the loss of a jackass like Bomar won't kill the team morale. It does not change the fact that Thompson was passed over by a true freshman - and a mediocre one at that - last year. It does not restore strength to the depleted offensive line. It does not give defenses any less incentive to stack the box against AP.

How, again, is this a good thing? Chemistry and intangibles and all that jazz are fun to talk about, but they only go so far.

Two-a-days continue for the Horns, as the team preps for Saturday's scrimmage. If it's open to the public, which I'll look into, I'll be there to give you a full report.

Sean goes haywire bananas with week one predictions. The Texas score looks plausible.

Nico with a brillaint post. I wonder what painting OU would be? Has someone pooped on a canvas before?

The BlogPoll's host is doing some ballotting of his own. Texas at #3 for Brian. He had Nebraska at #5, but came to his senses and dropped them to #10.