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Morning Coffee

The Texas quarterbacks talk to the media. Everyone's still playing everything close to the vest, so I'm really looking forward to seeing these guys in live action on Saturday morning.

Speaking of which, grab a big mug of coffee and head to DKR Saturday morning to join me for the Fan Appreciation Day scrimmage. Gates open at 7:00 a.m., scrimmage at 7:30.

The Horns will honor legendary tailback Earl Campbell with a nine foot statue outside DKR.

The 614's got his Ohio State-Texas preview up, and it's good stuff. Especially pleasing (besides the meat hat, which is terrific) is the imaginary interview - a ploy I find soothing. Nice work, Sean.

Kyle is pleased that Mark Richt is the one sorting out the Georgia QB situaiton this year. The jury's still out on Mack-Davis.

EDSBS has their week five viewing guide, which amuses endlessly. Texas will be participating in the Social Security Game. Love it.

The USC clown is confused by the concept of high demand for tickets to college football. Understandable, given his allegiance. (How did this guy get to keep his BlogPoll ballot, anyway?)