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College Football Fantasy Team, Contd.

On Monday, we went over the rules for the Fantasy College Football Cup challenge, and made some nice progress on the Burnt Orange Nation entry.

To remind you, these are the salaries (max 8 teams, cap of $10 million):

TSN Fantasy Team Salaries
Team Salary Team Salary
Air Force $300k Mississippi $330k
Alabama $1.3m Mississippi St. $400k
UAB $300k Missouri $880k
Arizona $440k Navy $880k
Arizona St. $1.26m Nebraska $1.26m
Arkansas $740k Nevada $540k
Auburn $1.62m North Carolina $480k
Baylor $300k NC State $780k
Boise St. $1.06m Notre Dame $1.77m
Boston College $1.23m Ohio State $2.03m
California $1.34m Oklahoma $1.52m
Central Florida $820k OK State $370k
Clemson $1.33m Oregon $1.34m
Colorado $940k Oregon St. $770k
Connecticut $570k Penn St. $1.36m
Florida $1.75m Pittsburgh $710k
Florida State $1.45m Purdue $810k
Fresno State $950k Rutgers $460k
Georgia $1.43m South Carolina $1.21m
Georgia Tech $1.15m USC $1.81m
Hawaii $500k Southern Miss. $680k
Indiana $400k Stanford $620k
Iowa $1.32m Tennessee $1.27m
Iowa St. $1.19m Texas $1.8m
Kansas $440k Texas A&M $810k
Kansas St. $450k UTEP $1.1m
Kentucky $300k Texas Tech $1.23m
Louisville $1.52m Toledo $980k
LSU $1.95m UCLA $1.25m
Marshall $350k Utah $970k
Maryland $650k Virginia $710k
Miami (FL) $1.59m Virginia Tech $1.36m
Miami (OH) $750k Wake Forest $850k
Michigan $1.44m Washington $360k
Michigan St. $950k West Virginia $1.71m
Minnesota $1.0m Wisconsin $1.12m

So here's the latest team idea, with comments encouraged:

USC $1.81m
Cal $1.34m
Texas $1.8m
Navy $.88k
Iowa $1.32m
UTEP $1.1m
Fresno St. $.95k
Arkansas $.74k

Questions for the group:

*How long is McFadden out? Should we avoid the hogs because of this news?

*Should we take any SEC team at all?

*Is that too much to pay for UTEP?

Again, this is a group effort, so send in the thoughts.