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Bomar Pulls A Bomar!

The reports are coming in fast and furious, now. Oklahoma starting quarterback Rhett Bomar has been dismissed from the team for accepting money for work he did not perform.

As dumb as he looks.

Discuss here, readers.

Update [2006-8-2 14:31:25 by HornsFan]: has crashed. This couldn't -get- any funnier. Let the Paul Thompson era begin.

Update [2006-8-2 14:37:10 by HornsFan]: I've ceased working. I'm just staring at my computer and laughing. Viva El Boracho!

Update [2006-8-2 14:46:58 by HornsFan]: Sooner fans are suggesting arson for the car dealer/booster who paid the players. Definitely put me in the "I'm REALLY Enjoying Watching The Sooners Squirm" camp.

Update [2006-8-2 15:2:55 by HornsFan]: Now that the giggling has stopped, a moment of sadness that we won't get any more moments like these: