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Afternoon Tea

Just a quick afternoon set of notes, as I've got a lot of things to do on the schedule today.

The 2006-07 Texas Pom Squad has been chosen, and as is annual tradition here at BON, we present you with the team picture:

Your 2006-07 Texas Pom Squad. Yes, they'll be donning chaps.

I'm pleased to be a voter in the inaugural MaxwellPundit Award, presented by Citigroup. Okay, there's not really a sponsor, but that's because we won't be tainted by peddling solicitors. No sir. The MaxwellPundit Award, voted on by a dozen or so esteemed college football bloggers, is the lovechild of Rakes of Mallow, the excellent budding SBN blog for Notre Dame. You can read all about the award criteria here, and expect weekly ballots from yours truly. Yes, Jamaal Charles will get his proper due from this voter.

And, last but not least, the University of Texas has topped the list of party schools in the country! Longhorns are killing brain cells by ranking 2nd in beer drinking, 3rd in liquor consumption, and 13th in marijuana inhalation. This is a tough bit of news for the lesser state schools, who could sneer at our solid academic reputation by hanging their hat on the "we party hardier" card. No more.


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