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Morning Coffee

Michael Houston, a once-highly regarded tailback at Texas, is transferring to Washington. Zach must be pleased.

The quarterbacks talk to TexasSports.

Orangebloods' Geoff Ketchum chats with Gene Chizik ($). Money quote? "We're trying to perfect the defense."

Suzanne Haliburton on Tarrell Brown.

CFNews is trotting out their "unit rankings." Texas in at #2 on defense, and #6 on offense. These seem about right to me; I only bring them up to note that a lot of folks are underestimating what the Texas offense will do this year (including HP). Vince meant a lot to this team, and without him we may just fall short of a national title caliber year; we will not, however, struggle on offense. This group is still loaded.

Last, but not least, I read crap like this and want to ask Brian what in the hell he was thinking by NOT kicking this guy out of the BlogPoll? It's becoming an embarrassment. No doubt, though, we'd all be labeled homophobes, if we cracked down on his lunatic voting. As our own patienthornsfan can attest, though, sports fans of all stripes are welcome here. Except ignorant ones. BFJ shouldn't be allowed within ten feet of the BlogPoll.