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The BLOGGERS Are The Problem In Journalism? Ha!

Holy F*$@#*# I'm annoyed.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Rick Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Hi, I'm a lazy liar.

Mr. Bozich decided to write a pice titled "Internet Filled With Venom For Coaches." That's fine, of course - the internet is filled with lots of venom for coaches. I see it every day.

What you do NOT see, however, is venom for Mack Brown at Burnt Orange Nation.

And yet, how about this choice quote from Bozich's piece:

Or silly Longhorns fans. You decide. My search took me to a site named, where a fan delivered this rant:

"Even though he was behind the national title last year, I find myself not fully believing in Mack Brown ... With Number 10 (quarterback Vince Young) gone, I find it difficult to believe that Texas will slip back into its very good, but not championship-level, rate of 10 wins a season."

Throw the bum out. Immediately. Maybe Fred Akers or John Mackovic is available to return to Austin.

Excuse, me, Rick, but where, on Burnt Orange Nation, did you find something like that written by a Texas fan?

Ohhhh, wait. I think I remember. It was in this post. Which was a DIRECT QUOTE from this post at the Rakes of Mallow, which is... a Notre Dame site!

Worse, I pulled the quote to defend Mack Brown. The very article Bozich decided to use to prove his point was an article which dealt with the opposite phenomenon: using the internet to praise your coach.

That's dishonest, or lazy, or both. This site has been anything but venomous towards Mack Brown. I'm offended. I'd like an apology.

I'd urge the loyal readers of BON to send Mr. Bozich an email at, standing up for this site, and our support of Mack Brown. We will not be tarnished by this man.

Update [2006-8-22 15:32:25 by HornsFan]: Mr. Bozich has corrected his story and issued an apology to me via e-mail. I consider the matter closed. As the story originally read, this site was made to look like some petty, spoiled, non-grateful, Mack Brown hating message board. Thank you to all of you who know better, and wrote in on my behalf. Back to normalcy.