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The Big Question

One question that's concerning a number of closer Texas football observers is the question of who will replace Vince Young and Michael Huff as the 'spiritual leaders' of the team. In other words, when the going gets tough, who's going to be the on-field leader that's pulling the team together, keeping everyone focused, and getting the most out of each player on every down?

It's not a trivial, softy-pants question. Chip Brown has said his biggest concern is replacing Vince's leadership. Geoff Kethcum has echoed those concerns, while also wondering if Rashad Bobino is prepared to lead this defense from the middle linebacker position.

The key questions, as I see it:

  1. There's no 'replicating' Vince Young or his leadership. The question is whether you need a transcendent leader like that to win a title.
  2. Can a player like Selvin Young, who is the nominal starter, but not even the most talented skill player on the offense, be your vocal/spiritual leader?
  3. Is Rashad Bobino really ready to be the vocal/spiritual leader on defense?
  4. The mood around the team is decidedly more workmanlike this year, by many reports. Was Vince Young's looseness a key component to last year's title? Can this year's group win with a different championship attitude?
  5. What are championship attitudes? Should players be loose? Focused? Driven? Reasonable? Mack Brown has made the motto of this year's team, "Do your best; no more, no less." Is that appropriate for this year's squad? Will it help them focus?
When you talk to closer football observers, you hear two big questions about Texas' ability to reach the national title. First, can McCoy be effective enough? But second, what's this team's spiritual/vocal identity post-Vince?

What do you think?