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Well... That Didn't Last Long

Apologies for the light posting of late, as I'm still kaflunking around Austin getting this and that set up. (I think I just made up that word - kaflunking - by the way. But I like it. It works.) Anyway, one of the unfortunate side effects of my current situation is having to listen to the radio. I'd forgotten what a tormenting experience that can be.

In Washington, of course, I had mass transit, which meant I could read something while the bus or subway got me to my destination. Not so here in A-town, where driving is the only realistic option ninety nine times out of one hundred.

Most offensive of all today was my first listen to that pig Colin Cowherd - he of the MZone blog-stealing fame. The opening 10 minutes of his program? It's so bad it's almost funny.

Colin: "I'm not a lot of things. I'm not always smart. I'm not always right. I'm not always interesting. But I'm always honest."

Me: "Uh-huh. Yeaaaaah..."

Colin: "Today I want to admit that I've not been following the Detroit Tigers. Don't care about 'em. I'm just being honest.

Now let's play a game. I'm going to pretend from now until the playoffs like I've been following them. I'll talk about the Tigers like I've been following them all year, and you call and tell me what a great job I've been doing since Spring Training. I want to fool all the late-comers that want to tune in to see if I've been paying attention."

Me: "Gosh, that sounds dishonest."

Anyway, I've been driving around less than a week, and I've had it. I'm getting satellite radio.


In Longhorn news, the Statesman unleashed their "Special Section" college football preview today. It's decent, but one thing is abundantly clear to the Burnt Orange Nation reader: we've been talking about this stuff all summer.

Seriously, even the national storylines that they cover - and they cover it reasonably well - have all been talked about and re-talked about dozens of times here on the blog. I dare say that the special section that they published could very well be the cliff notes for "Burnt Orange Nation, Summer 2006." And I don't just mean what I've written - all the invaluable stuff you guys add in the comments and diaries.

The sports section as a whole, in fact, looks dated each morning. I read a short blurb on Lamarcus Aldridge, stopped, thought for a sec, then realized, "Yep, patienthornsfan already made note at the site."

The site, and especially all the good stuff coming from the comments and diaries, impresses me each day. Keep it up.