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Afternoon Tea

During my junior year in high school, I worked briefly as a research assistant for Paul Burka, Executive Editor of Texas Monthly magazine, helping him find relevant articles on an affirmative action case involving the University of Texas. I didn't quite appreciate what an amazing magazine Texas Monthly was at the time; it wasn't until the end of my college career when I began reading it regularly that I appreciated its greatness.

Today, then, was a moment of great pride when I began getting a hit or two in from the Texas Monthly online site. When I checked in on my online account, I saw that the annual state of Texas football preview had hit the shelves. Among their 49 things they love about football season?

Football blogs. And wouldn't ya know it, Burnt Orange Nation checking in at #2 on their Top 10 list. Of all the wonderful things that have happened with this site along the way, this moves to the top of the 'most proud' list. Make sure you pick up a hard copy of the magazine on your way home from work today - the football preview is excellent reading.

Luke Winn with a nice feature on mobile quarterbacks, the evolution of the position, and, well, Vince Young. (Hat Tip: bachelorette)

Go ahead and read this entire Mack Brown press conference. Lots of interesting notes that we can draw some conlusions from.

--Depth chart will be released Monday.  BON will have a huge breakdown of the depth chart Monday night.

--Mack all but named Marcus Griffin the starting safety; the Griffin brothers will start together. Erick Jackson is gonna push Marcus for playing time, and the depth at secondary is encouraging.

--Lance Armstrong with some very important advice re: hydration. It ain't gonna happen at halftime. You start NOW for a game a week from now. Wild.

--Robison and Mike Griffin each blocked a kick in last night's scrimmage. Shocking; just shocking.

--There's big battle heating up between Ulatoski and C-Dock for the fifth starting lineman. Hills, Seindlein, Blalock, and Studdard are all locked in, and healthy. with their Top 10 of the Big 12. Jamaal Charles (#9), Frank Okam (8), Justin Blalock (3), and Michael Griffin (2) all made the list. Okam and Charles are too low. When the 2006 season is all said and done, the All Big 12 team is going to be unbelievably Longhorn-centric.