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It's time to introduce you to two new friends in the SB Nation family, Horns fans. First, a big, hearty welcome to our first Big 12 rival to join us at SBN! BON readers, please welcome Corn Nation, a Nebraska Cornhuskers blog.

I wasn't sure about that name - Corn Nation - but there's obviously something there that non-Nebraskans have no business commenting on. CN's introduction is very moving, in a way I'm sure an outsider can't -quite- understand:

Welcome to Corn Nation. As anyone who grew up in Nebraska can tell you, we are corn. Corn is interwoven in life - a source of food, and in ethanol, a source of power. It is an inherent part of who we are - Nebraskans - from Gering, Wellfleet, Lynch, Gretna, Omaha, Nebraska City, Donophan or Beatrice - we know the image. Corn fields, the sun, and the combines.

We are a nation - our nation - Cornnation. Nebraskans travel the globe and when we see someone else wearing a Nebraska Cornhuskers T-shirt or cap, the first question we ask is "Where in Nebraska are you from". No matter where we are, what we do - we are one. Few states have this blessing. Nebraska is one of them. Welcome to the site. Become part of the nation.

(Oh, one more thing: Corn Nation just went on record predicting a Horns loss in Lincoln.)

Second, a big welcome to Carolina March, a blog dedicated to the University of North Carolina.

When I was talking with TH about writing for SBN about UNC, I did so because, despite his great surprise, I'm always on the lookout for standout writing. TH, and by extension, Carolina March, have it in spades. Please stop by and check it out.