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Morning Coffee

Cedric Golden continues the Statesman's season preview with a piece on the defensive ends. Crowder and Robison are all-conference caliber players. Orakpo has developed into a terrific pass rusher, but he's still got some work to do as a run stuffer. As far as newcomers, it's going to be tough to keep big and talented Eddie Jones off the field.

Texas A&M quarterback, Stephen McGee: "I hate to lose more than I like to win." He may need a therapist.

How do you spell dejected and bitter? M-A-C-K-O-V-I-C. The former Texas coach, maligned both here and at his next stop, Arizona, is writing columns for the Desert Sun newspaper in Palm Springs, California. Not surprisingly, he's picked Ohio State to beat the Horns. Maybe if you were coaching, Johnny.

The demand for tickets to Texas-Ohio State is unprecedented.

Horns fans seeking a terrific beat writer for daily Horns news, look no further than DMN's Chip Brown. We'll try to bring him back in for another interview here soon. Great stuff.

My boy JC is joining the Posse. For those unfamiliar, the Posse is Texas' competitive kick/punt block/return team. I'm not altogether pleased with this idea. JC's value at tailback is far too great to be risking his use on the Posse. Not when there are plenty of valuable assets that can play on the unit. We'll see.

Informal notes from Wednesday night's scrimmage (subscription required), and guess who reportedly had a good night? Henry Melton. Hmmm... Now if he can just show his stuff when there are actual fans in the stands.

Turning to stories around the country, Braves and Birds unloads the 2006 Charles Rogers overrated alerts. For similar reasons to what I mentioned yesterday, he's worried about Florida, among others. Check it out.

Why are blogs great? They promote dialogue. Case in point:

(1) Kyle polls his readers, asking which SEC team enjoys the greatest Home Field Advantage.
(2) SMQ takes issue with the respondents' choice, and offers a different calculus.
(3) And The Valley Shook looks at SMQ's results, and wags his finger in disagreement.

Es bueno.

Later today: the season previews continue with a look at the Horns' visit to Lincoln to play the Cornhuskers.

And don't forget: BON happy hour tonight at Cuba Libre. Everyone welcome to attend.