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Test Run - BON Highlights

Readers, we've got lots in store for the upcoming season, the best of which may just be our ability to make custom highlights for you. We've purchased some fancy equipment that allows us to record the games to our hard drive, then edit the clips into movies.

This season we'll be breaking down plays - good and bad - to give you the most in depth analysis of the 2006 Longhorn football games. It'll be a work in progress, and likely take some time to master, but it's going to be a huge improvement from last season's coverage, and unlike anything you'll find anywhere else.

I'm just now learning all the software and so on, but I did manage to successfully put together my first short clip from this morning's ESPN Classic airing of the Rose Bowl - the two big first half turnovers, plus Vince Young's game winner as called on ESPN Deportes. Also included are two screen shots from the Rose Bowl - our lovely pom girls in the chaps, as well as Vince Young's stretching touchdown dive in the 3rd quarter.

As with all the things we do here, please take the time to let us know what you'd like most to see throughout the season.

BON Highlight test run.

Lots of scoring = lots of chaps shots!

Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Long live Vince Young.