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Depth Chart Released

Mack Brown and the Longhorn coaches have released the 2006 depth chart for the season opener. As expected, Colt McCoy is your starting quarterback.

Were there any other surprises?  Not really, but here's some important notes:

The official starting line will slot Cedric Dockery at guard, with Blalock and Hills at tackle. However, the staff also notes that freshman Adam Ulatoski will see lots of action, and when he does, Blalock will slide in to play guard.

DT Derek Lokey "will see action at FB in short yardage situations," according to the depth chart. Hot dog! Absolutely love it. Ogbonnaya, who had a strong summer and fall camp, is your starter at FB.

Greg Johnson is officially listed as the starter at punter, kickoffs, and place-kicking. Yikes. If anyone's up for it, it's Greg, but it's a lot to ask of anyone.

The biggest surprise in my mind: freshman Robert Joseph is your backup at strong safety behind Michael Griffin. Impressive.

Lokey will start at nose tackle, but Roy Miller's going to get lots and lots of playing time. He's eating up blockers to help Okam become even more disruptive in the backfield.

All told, this is about what close observers expected to see. This is as good a team two deep as you'll find in the country, and if McCoy is solid to strong this season, we'll be very, very tough to beat.