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Follow Up Thoughts: Depth Chart

Let's start with Wells's questions, which were all good.

  1. Jordan Shipley's going to be on the field A LOT this year. The depth at receiver is almost unrivaled in the country, which means there's talent not in the starting lineup. Quan, Limas, and Pittman are the starters, but that won't keep Ship from being in there on a ton of plays. One other thing to keep in mind: there's probably some amount of desire to keep expectations in check for Jordan. Texas fans love what he brings and know how high his ceiling is. Given all that he's been through, bringing him in as a "reserve" in the rotation makes sense. Worry not - he'll play, and play often.
  2. On to Kindle (mentioned in someone else's question): Ankle sprains can derail entire seasons. As much talent as Kindle has, there's simply no upside to rushing him. However, I wouldn't write "redshirt" into stone just yet. Let me explain.
The three starters (Kill, Bobino, and Kelson) are all well above average. Absolutely no concerns there. The depth behind them, though, is not proven by any means. Muckelroy is still learning, and Jared Norton has had a very strong fall but is still green. Scott Derry is a solid player, but a healthy Sergio Kindle's absolutely got room to play in this back rotation. If injuries hit the front line, Sergio will be playing if he heals in time.

The other thing to consider is what's at stake for the Horns. Should they be in a position to make a run at the BCS title game, the coaches won't keep guys on the bench that can be difference makers. If he's healthy, and is ready as a difference maker, and the stakes are still extremely high, he'll play.

  1. Greg Johnson is simply the best option at all three spots right now. If Lawrence isn't quite there yet, Johnson -will- kick every meaningful punt, kickoff, and field goal/PAT. What you're going to see, though, is lots of Lawrence and Garland (punting) when there's nothing at stake (blowouts). Right now, though, you gotta go with your best man unless it proves more than he can handle. He says he can do it. I hope so. This is a concern.
  2. Erick Jackson is really the 2a guy at free safety, along with Matt Melton. What surprised me is that they had Robert Joseph at #2 behind Mike Griffin. Very interesting. There's five guys that can play safety right now - great depth. Nothing to worry about right now.
  3. Lastly, regarding Melton, it's a combination of two things. First, Obgbannaya was so much better than expected this fall. He's really developed. What I keep wondering, though, is... why not Melton at fullback? Am I the only one who thinks this makes sense?