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More Bomar Fallout

More fallout from the Bomar dismissal.

*CollegeFootballTalk speculates that Stoopsy may be fed up with collegiate coaching and the bizarre NCAA rules; sources tell CFT that Stoops is putting out "feelers" to the NFL.

*The OU messageboards debate Halzle vs. Thompson. The mood is definitely a bitter one.

*Mark Schlabach of ESPN puts a fork in OU's '06 season.

*Stewart Mandel wonders how much damage this might do to the OU program.

* tosses the race card into the mix. Seriously. What a rant.

*The OU student store is about to slash the prices on #7 jerseys. I doubt they'll be able to give `em away.

*Fox Sports'/CFN's Pet Fituak says the Horns become Big 12 favorites, and wonder's about OU's chances against Oregon.

*Last, but not least, MichiganZone with the perfect visual summary of the whole thing. First rate, as always.