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Blog Rollin

Alright guys, our resident OU commenter, MattH, has launched his new site with SBN for Oklahoma. As much as even typing the letters O and U make me nauseous, if there's anyone to do it, it's Matt. He's fair, reasonable, and only slightly evil. Can you ask for anything more?

Please take a moment to check out our rival's new site, Crimson And Cream Machine. Drop by, check out the new digs, and be nice.

Welcome to SBN, Matt!

Elsewhere, Joel, whom you should remember from his excellent site View From Rocky Top, has launched with us at SBN at Rocky Top Talk. I strongly urge you to check out his new site, as it's full of cool stuff that we'll try to work into BON at some point. Joel knows what he's doing. Please welcome him.