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College Pick 'Em Challenge

It's that time again. Time to start betting on college football or at least picking some winners each week, for those of you who don't gamble.

For the second year, BON will host a College Football Pick 'Em Challenge managed by Go to ESPN's Fantasy Page to play. If you have participated in any ESPN fantasy game before, simply log in. If not, create an entry and then log in. It takes about a minute.

Make your picks. You have to pick the winners of ten games and rank your confidence as well.

Then, join an existing group.
Group Name: Burnt Orange Nation
Password: Longhorns

BON will award the winner each week. The winner will either get to participate in the hugely popular PTI segment with PB and myself or will get a BON shirt (or a shirt from their favorite university's online store). The season's overall winner will also receive a BON shirt as well.

Set up your picks today. Entries close this Saturday morning.