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Morning Coffee

54b has rolled out his Preseason Unspectacular at the 54bBlog. Funny football, as always.

Kirk Bohls lays out some season predictions. I think he's been reading Burnt Orange Nation - he predicts McCoy will remind folks of Drew Brees. (A little reminder, Horns fans: Mackovic, in all his genius, didn't recruit Brees, an Austin native. Smart.)

Marketing at Ohio State: lame.

Bruce Feldman with his annual preseason "Hot 100" players list. The Longhorns included: Justin Blalock (#27), Frank Okam, (#40), Jamaal Charles (#44), Mike Griffin (#54), Tim Crowder (#77), Brian Robison (#94). As always, Okam should be ranked higher. Same for Charles, though Feldman notes he'd agree were it not for Selvin. Fair enough.

The National Weather Service's forecast for Saturday: "Partly cloudy, with a high near 96. Calm wind becoming east around 5 mph." Not too bad.

You know by now that Colt McCoy's the starter. But have you seen the MZone take on it? Always entertaining.

CFR writes some dumb crap sometimes. Like this. The Big 12 isn't down. It wasn't "down" last year, either, unless by "down" you mean relative to itself. Which he doesn't.

Illumination by contrast: Kyle. Read the Big 12 sections of each. As always, DawgSports remains my favorite daily read. I hope you're doing the same.

Big day at EDSBS. Like, Christmas. Woot!

More tailgating news later today. We'll reorient you with the map, outline the timetable, and provide details on t-shirts, food, beer, etc. 48 hours away from Longhorn football, kids. 48 hours.