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Panic Time, Part 2

Yesterday, we highlighted the four things that would really be worrisome, were they to occur. Today, let's take four more, but slightly different...

Four Things You Should NOT Panic About, Even Though You'll Want To, Should They Occur

1. Colt McCoy stinks it up against North Texas. Why not panic if McCoy lays an egg in his first collegiate game under center? Because it's his first collegiate game under center. Temper your expectations. In fact, the only thing you really should hope for on Saturday is that everyone stays healthy. Provided we win, a given, nothing else matters. Having everyone healthy for Ohio State is the prize on Saturday. The rest is just tuning up. Even if McCoy's flat.

2. We lose to Ohio State. A reminder: we have to lose some time. Nobody wins forever. We've had 20 in a row, including a national title we'll never forget. But you just can't win them all. It's impossible. So when we lose, don't panic. Especially don't panic if the loss is to Ohio State. It's not the end of the season. For one thing, it's not a conference loss. For another, it's early in the season - it's not even (necessarily) crippling to BCS title game aspirations. If we lose, we'll talk about it. But we will not panic. At least not here.

3. A starter gets injured. I've outlined the guys that we just cannot afford to lose. Just don't forget - the depth at the University of Texas right now is absolutely disgusting. There's no need to panic if a starter goes down to injury. Unless it's McCoy, Charles, or Okam, it won't be crippling. If it's one of those three, we'll have to sit down and talk. A lot.

4. John Brantley decides to attend school elsewhere. There is some chance that John Brantley changes his commitment before February, folks. What happens if Colt McCoy blazes Texas through the season? Brantley's said he wants to redshirt for a year (smart kid), but doess he want to sit two years after that, too? There's some possibility he'd avoid the competition., If it happens, don't panic. People got loopy about Ryan Perrilloux; karma's a bitch. I hope Brantley comes to Texas. I will not panic if he does not. You shouldn't either.