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Site News: Transition Time

One week from tomorrow, I'll be getting in the car to begin the drive down to Austin. It's gonne be great to be back, no doubt.

Unfortunately, that also means I have exactly one week left to finish everything here at work, including:

*    Write a training manual for my successor
*    Finish my book
*    Clear out my desk, etc.
*    Print, file, and bind over 400 media advisories that I've put off for over a year

In order to finish all this stuff, I'm (gasp!) coming into my office all this weekend. It's that dire. Damnit!

Me, next week. Sort of.

What it means for you: nothing! The posting will continue through next week, though not as frequently as we'd all like. And the week after that, we've got two very capable guest bloggers lined up to bring you coverage all week.

In the meantime, keep the conversations going over in the diaries, forgive my relative absence for two weeks, and be prepared for mammoth coverage resuming on August 21st and leading up until opening kickoff.