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Horns Open Fall Practice

The Horns held their first fall practice yesterday, and the early reports are in on the workout. Some quick notes:

*The Great White Hope (a.k.a. Jordan Shipley) looks "uncoverable," according to Orangebloods. I've withheld my praise for Shipley for an actual game, but believe me, I want his undeniable talent on the field. He could be a difference maker.

*Justin Blalock got work at his probable NFL position, guard, an interesting development as the staff figures out who will be the fifth starter on the line. Blalock's ability to play both tackle and guard allows Texas significant flexibility in getting good rotations in throughout games. Texas' advantages on the offensive line should not be underestimated. The Bomar loss hurt OU, but the questions at O-line may prove to be their ultimate undoing.

*We're still far from any decisions on quarterbacking, but all the signs point to McCoy being your starter until Texas loses. After that, who knows, but it looks like McCoy's job to lose.