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University of Texas vs. University of North Texas

Had some computer problems this morning. Don't worry I just came home from work.

The title defense starts in less than a day. WOW! I have to admit that when PB first put the countdown clock up on the site I thought it would never run out. Well, the time has come. No more picks, promises, or hype. It's game time.

University of Texas Longhorns vs. University of North Texas Mean Green

Kickoff: 11:10 AM Central

TV: Fox Sports SW (Channel 54 on Time Warner Austin)

Radio (Austin): KVET 1300 AM or 98.1 FM

Please stop by the tailgate at some point tomorrow morning. Map. The tailgate will be just southeast of the stadium off Robert Dedman Dr. We will have it all: food, beer, plasma TV, BON t-shirts, friends, and family. BON wishes to send a special thanks to Mark and Joe Newberry for letting us join your tailgate.

See you bright and early tomorrow.

Hook `Em Horns.