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Troy Smith 24 Greg Davis 7

Just a few quick thoughts tonight before we get into the nitty gritty of what went wrong tomorrow:

*The better team won. Don't want to hear any USC bullshit here.

*To all the Buckeye fans that are showing up to leave nasty comments - think before you post. You're at a great moment for your program. You're validating the steroetypes of your fan base with the classless comments. Your choice.

*Troy Smith was -terrific- tonight. Kudos not only to him for a great game, but also to his offensive line, which gave him time to do his thing. You can't really overstate how well they played.

*The Texas offensive line dominated, too, we should note. The difference was that Greg Davis didn't figure out how to capitalize on it. He never put Colt in a position to succeed.

*On that same theme - Ohio State never stopped our run. That we threw the ball 32 times is unfathomable. I have no idea how 1) we didn't keep running the ball over and over and 2) never ONCE ran a play action pass and went down the field.

*Hang this loss on Greg Davis, folks. I'm officially turning in my "cut him some slack" card. It was a miserable night for Greg. No two ways about it.

*Let's finish the quick and dirty thoughts with a note that the decisive factor was the two costly turnovers and Ohio State's solid play. Texas could have made this a much more competitive game. The actual outcome must be credited to 1) Ohio State and Troy Smith, who were outstanding, and 2) Texas' inexplicable offensive game plan. Or lack thereof.

All in all, Texas lost to a very, very good team, even if it wasn't in the manner we'd like to see it end. A big, standing ovation to all the guys for this remarkable run. It had to end sometime. I'm glad it ended to a great team, but disappointed it ended without much of a fight.

Much more tomorrow. Leave your rants here.

Update [2006-9-10 3:18:48 by HornsFan]: Oh, almost forgot. Those of you in the stadium - shame, shame on you. What a miserable effort to intimidate the opponent. Here's a primer for next time - try to make it hard for the opposing offense to run their plays. Stand up and yell like someone whose life depends on it.

Update [2006-9-10 12:58:52 by awiggo]: I want to quickly echo PB's sentiments of OSU and offer a few other quick observiations before I mindlessly stare at some NFL contests.

*Contratulations to OSU. The better team definitely won on Saturday night. Also, other than some questionable attire, I came away impressed with the OSU fans. I don't think I have never seen that many fans of an opposing team in Austin, including for A&M games.

*The OSU punter, AJ Trapasso, killed us. 6 punts for an average of 50.8 yards. We didn't have a short field all night.

*I was shocked by our inability to get to Troy Smith. The OSU offensive line was much better than expected. Smith had to move around the pocket some but still had plenty of time to slide and pick apart our secondary. I will have to watch again but I think Robison was the only one to get to Smith all night.

*I am still disappointed, so excuse this comment. Maybe we can nickname DKR the Library.