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BON Top 25, Week 2

We'll pause momentarily from our Ohio State analysis to bring you the BON Top 25 after week two. Definitely more movement in the rankings this week, but a number of teams (narrowly) escaped upsets that could have -really- shook things up.

As always, first the poll, then some comments:

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State 3
2 Southern Cal --
3 Auburn --
4 Notre Dame 2
5 West Virginia --
6 Louisiana State 2
7 Florida 3
8 Iowa 1
9 Tennessee --
10 Texas 9
11 Georgia 4
12 Louisville 1
13 Michigan 1
14 Florida State 3
15 Miami (Florida) 1
16 Nebraska 1
17 TCU 1
18 Virginia Tech 1
19 Oregon 3
20 Texas Tech 1
21 Oklahoma 2
22 Cal 2
23 Arizona State 3
24 Boston College 2
25 Clemson 13

Dropped Out: Penn State (#20), South Carolina (#25).

1. Ohio State We promised to move 'em up if they took care of business in Austin. A deserving bump to the #1 spot for the Bucks. They'll get their next big test at Iowa, in a night game. Troy Smith made his first big Heisman pitch. A great one, at that.

2. Southern Cal I'm watching the line for this week's game against Nebraska like a hawk. I suspect it'll be too low.

3. Auburn They host LSU this week, in what looks like the best Saturday of the season. Clearly, we think Auburn will win, but this is just as exciting an SEC matchup as you can ask for.

4. Notre Dame See? Told you that line was too low. Penn State was badly outmatched. Now they get a real test with Michigan. I'd take the Wolverines in Ann Arbor. In South Bend, I think the Irish notch their first big win of the year.

5. West Virginia The Mountaineers get one of their two test this season when Maryland comes to town. It's not that big a test.

6. LSU I want an epic LSU-Auburn game. Is that too much to ask? Things start to sort out this week, though, in the SEC, nothing comes down to one week, like Texas-OU. The conference is too deep in dangerous teams.

7. Florida Click! Clack! Leak is back! Gayest poll comment of the year? You decide. Either way, Leak and the Florida offense are showing positive signs. Huge test this Saturday at Neyland. Florida dives into the nasty, nasty part of the schedule.

8. Iowa It was an ugly win, no doubt, but I'm overlooking it - mostly. If I don't see real improvement this week, down they go on the ballot.

9. Tennessee Joel, what happened? I didn't see any of the Air Force game. Goodness.

10. Texas Whoops. Backing away slowly, hands in pocket. The ceiling on this team is high - very high. This isn't a doomsday vote here. Just a nod that we're a borderline Top 10 team on what we've seen so far. With improvement, we can vault up.

Other notes from the ballot: Lots of teams that looked promising in week one stumbled a bit in week two. It just goes to show how careful you have to be in over-judging one week's performance. I'm intrigued by the Clemson-Florida State matchup, and am very interested to see what happens in Athens with the JT3 injury. Is it Stafford time? If any week is going to thrill our pants off or, at the least, help us sort out the "contenders from the pretenders," it's this one. Stay tuned. Lots and lots of national coverage all week at BON.

As always, comments, suggestions, criticisms all welcome. Discuss.