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Big Football Saturday

I've (nearly) purged myself of the Ohio State game, and good thing - there's a lot of great football ahead of us. And perhaps no Saturday holds more exciting matchups than this one. Florida and Tennessee. USC and Nebraska. LSU and Auburn. Michigan and Notre Dame. Hell, I'm even super stoked about Clemson and Florida State.

The Longhorns, of course, travel to Houston and Reliant Stadium to take on Rice. It's a no doubter victory, but I'm curious what people most want to see on Saturday.

Me? I'm watching for two things, one on each side of the ball. On offense, I just want to see Colt bounce back and take a step forward. He had a rough game Saturday, but he's a redshirt freshman - it happens. What's important is that he bounces back and learns from the experience. I think he will.

Defensively, I'm going to be watching the linebackers; their rather average play thus far has been surprising. Unfortunately, Rice won't present too much of a challenge, but I know Major Applewhite is going to at least try to spread the field and open things up. Good linebacker play will be important.

What else are you watching for on Saturday? With the first sting of defeat in such a long time still fresh in your mind, what's on your bounceback radar?