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MaxwellPundit Award Ballot, Week 3

It's Maxwell Pundit Award voting time again, and with each passing week, the contenders start to show themselves. Once more, for the newcomers - about a dozen of my esteemed colleagues and I are voting in a Best College Football Player index, created and hosted by the blossoming Rakes of Mallow blog. For the MaxwellPundit Voting Index for Week 2, read here.

Slightly different format for our ballot this time - we'll rank 'em, then discuss 'em.

  1. Troy Smith, QB, Ohio State
  2. Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
  3. Steve Slaton, RB, West Virginia
  4. Garrett Wolfe, RB, Northern Illinois
  5. Chris Leak, QB, Florida
Honorable mention: Ted Ginn, Jr., Ian Johnson, Prescott Burgess

A few notes:

*First, I do think another wide receiver could creep into the mix of this, but not yet. The closest we've seen is Tennessee's Robert Meachem, but he ran into the Gators Saturday. Other receivers I'm watching - DeSean Jackson, Mario Urrutia, Derek Kinder.

*There's also the possibility that a defensive player will work his way into the mix; as yet, I don't feel comfortable enough to list one. It's not out of the question, though.

Now, a few quick comments on our ballot:

Smith - He's so accurate, and he's working with a terrific offense. He'll ultimately make or break his candidacy with the Iowa and Michigan games. Exciting stuff.

Peterson - By the fourth quarter, he's devastating, as exhausted defenses miss arm tackles. He's getting worked so hard, though, that one wonders how he'll hold up. Anyone doubt whether this is his last collegiate season?

Slaton - The holes he's running through are BIG, but even so, Slaton's a terrific runner. He needs to be careful about fumbles, but there's a lot to enjoy here.

Wolfe - 630 yards, 8.5 yards per carry? Those are Nintendo numbers, man. I love the little guy, and hope he plays his way into a New York Heisman finalist. Or.... hmm... hey, Chris, where are we having our ceremony? How 'bout Athens?

Leak - Among all quarterbacks with at least 30 passes, Leak's got the highest rating. Urban Meyer Year Two enthusiasts are boasting right now. Hey, maybe so. He still makes you shake your head on a play or two, but overall, he's been as impressive as anyone.