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Drafting The Top 10

This week's Top 25 isn't nearly as easy to put together as the first two weeks were. "Separation Saturday," hokey as that name is, did jumble up the teams. Let's talk about the rankings today before we finish the positional breakdowns of the Rice game this evening.

Here's our proposed Top 10, but before we submit our ballot, we want your input.

1. Ohio State It took `em a little while to get rolling, but roll they did. Smith to Ginn is quick becoming one of the most lethal tandems in recent memory. Add in one of the nation's top rushing attacks and this is one scary offense.

2. Southern Cal It's the defense that has them ranked this highly for us. Lost in all the "replacing the Heisman winners" talk is the fact that this defense is looking like it might match the excellent '04 unit. If they get healthy, and continue to improve, they'll be one of the nation's best by season's end. And you know they're gonna score some points. Speaking of teams recalling memories of their 2004 defenses...

3. Auburn What's not to like? You'd like to see more production from the passing game, but we're nitpicking. Still, there won't be too many gimme weeks in the SEC. The schedule still lines up nicely.

4. Michigan As good as Smith to Ginn have been this season, nothing could compare to the Henne-to-Manningham show that we saw on Saturday. Criminal abuse of the Irish secondary. As solid as the offense (and offensive gameplan) was, though, it's the defense that's got me excited. They're flying to the ball, making plays, penetrating the line... everything you could ask for.

5. Louisville See? We're not crazy. They're pretty darn good. Most recognize how good Brohm-Bush are, but fewer recognize that their replacements are ready to roll, too. The injuries hurt, but they're still very, very dangerous. Anyone else tingly about the matchup with...

6. West Virginia Me, too. Consider these teams 5a and 5b. Fortunately, we'll settle this one on the field. Watching the Mountaineers on Thursday was fun - their line gets out and blocks as well as anyone I've seen. Slaton had some gigantic holes to run through, and the man absolutely explodes through them.

7. Florida The SEC's best defense? Maybe so. They're terrific, and with the offense showing signs of absorbing Meyerism, they may yet get through this schedule. The Tennessee road win was just as gutty a win as you'll see.

8. Georgia Absolutely manhandled UAB with a stifling defense. It's hard to believe that the young quarterback Stafford won't cost them a game at some point, but the rushing attack is terrific and there's a lot to love on this team. Any talk of any conference other than the SEC being the best is pure bologna.

9. Texas The crushing of Rice was done in the proper manner, with improvement in all the right areas, but we'll need to see more against a real team. The Owls weren't in the same universe as the Longhorns.

10. LSU That's a tough loss to swallow for Tiger fans, but someone had to lose the game. They'll have plenty of time to get into a BCS game if they build on what they've got, which is a lot. That they almost stole that game in Auburn proves how strong this team can be.

Others to consider: Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Iowa

Help us out, readers. Who impressed you most on Saturday? Who's destined to plummet?