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Looking Ahead: Iowa State Offensive Gameplan

We touched on this offense's identity in our look at the tailbacks, so let's look ahead to Saturday's matchup with the Iowa State Cyclones. What should the offensive gameplan look like? What is Iowa State defending well? Poorly? What kind of scheme do they run?

Iowa State likes to play a bend-don't-break defense; they blitz only 11% of the time, unusually low for any team. Thus far, the rush defense has outperformed the pass defense considerably. Opponents have rushed for only 2.9 yards per carry, breaking only five runs of 10+ yards. The secondary, however, has yielded 14 plays of 15+ yards, a nearly 60% completion percentage, and 25 first downs.

The numbers are a little bit misleading, though. Toledo torched the Iowa State secondary but managed only 45 yards rushing on 27 attempts. Iowa ran and passed with success; Albert Young and the Hawkeyes picked up 136 yards on 30 carries (4.53 per attempt).

What can Texas expect to see on Saturday? Probably much of the same. The Cyclones like to drop linebackers in coverage, and it wouldn't be surprising to see them try to give McCoy lots of different looks in coverage. Given their relative lack of blitzing, and their desire to prevent the big pass play, this scenario works quite well for the game plan we've been advocating...

A lot of rushing the football. Some folks are clamoring about why Texas only threw the ball a dozen times against Rice. The smart answer is that we didn't need to. And if Greg Davis is smart (many of you wonder if he is), we won't throw the ball more than 20 times on Saturday, either. Unless Iowa State is stuffing our run - something no Texas opponent has come close to doing thus far - there's simply no reason to. More to the point, there's reason not to.

We'll discuss this in greater detail throughout the week, but the gameplan on Saturday ought to be much of the same: lots and lots of running, with opportune passing. If Iowa State wants to play a heavy zone, Texas ought to pound the run. If they change their gameplan, we can adjust, fine. But if all remains the same, it ought to be the Charles-Young show once again. Once they get sick of being run all over, the pass plays will be there.

This can work. Come on, Greg. Come on.