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Did you know you can e-mail the Burnt Orange Nation authors? It's easy, and free! Drop us a line any time at this email address and we'll gladly answer as best we can. We're always happy to chat and interact with the readers.  If you're emailing with a question, we'll save some of the better ones for public discussion on the main site.

If you're eager to get it out for public discussion right away, of course, this site is built with that in mind. You can comment on any story posted on the site, or you can write your own "diary" by clicking on the "Post Diary" button in the top right hand corner of the main page. Note that you'll have to register for an account first. Don't worry, it takes (literally) 20 seconds, and all your information is 100% private.

On to the emails:

Dave King, San Diego, CA Hey guys, did you hear about Matt Nader?? I feel horrible for the kid. What are people saying in Austin?  Cheers, Dave.

Burnt Orange Nation For those that haven't heard, Westlake star tackle (and UT commit) Matt Nader collapsed on the sideline during the second quarter of last Saturday's contest at A&M Consolidated.

Dave, people are mostly saying how lucky he is to be alive. Both of Matt's parents are doctors, which helped (they performed CPR on the sidelines), and Eanes ISD was smart enough to purchase a $2,500 portable external difibrilator that traveled with the team. Without that combination, he likely dies on the sideline.

Technically speaking, Matt suffered a "lethal arrhythmia," according to the Austin American-Statesman. According to medical statistics, only 1 percent of people who suffer cardiac arrest away from a hospital survive. Because there is a chance of recurral, Matt has decided to retire from football.

I suppose that this means that Texas has one more scholarship to give out, but no one's thinking about that right now. For the time being, it's all about Matt's short- and long-term health. He's had a defiblillator surgically inserted into his heart and appears to be in the clear for now. Keep Matt in your thoughts and prayers. Football is important, but it's not life and death. This is.

Kelly Whiteside, Round Rock, TX How come y'all don't talk about women's sports much? Seems weird that a Texas site only talks about football and basketball and sometimes baseball. KW

Burnt Orange Nation You did see that we stalked Cat Osterman for about a year, right? Like, picture galleries? An entire section devoted to the Long Legged Beauty? What more do you want?

Oh, like, real coverage. We plead guilty, Kelly. But we're working on it. We've asked loyal contributor PHF to start writing regular volleyball diaries, and we'd eventually like to move those to the main page. If someone emails us that wants to cover women's sports for the site, we're open to proposals. At the end of the day, the authors of this site spend the bulk of their waking hours working - mostly with underprivileged kids. We cover as much UT sports as we can in our free time. If anyone cares to sponsor full time coverage, I'd be delighted to tell you where to mail the phatty check.

In all seriousness, though, we're already planning our Megan Willis Fan Club section. Just because Cat graduated doesn't mean the stalking stops. We're Title IX here, baby.

Willis, right, is ready to anchor BON's softball "coverage."

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