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Morning Coffee

After the disappointing slate of games for the Big 12 Saturday, coaches are wondering if they're worth the risk. Mack Brown and Bob Stoops each note that strength of schedule isn't worth what it used to be in the current BCS formula, and to a degree, they're right. I don't necessarily like it, or agree, but there's truth there. This is a tough question that's worth discussing.

Statesman notebook highlights the strong play of linebacker Scott Derry. We'll get to our linebacker reviews later today, but I was impressed, as well. The depth at linebacker needs to be built; Derry's strong play is important.

Chip Brown explains the penalty parade.

The replay officials that jobbed Oklahoma were suspended for one game. The suspension was warranted, but one game seems too light. We knew that the game wouldn't be nullified, but this is too far the other way. Is this the beginning of a new, bloodier, Civil War? High drama indeed.

Mike Leach uses the words "sauntering" and "prima donnas" to describe his Red Raiders on Saturday. Love it.

FO echoes my own sentiments: the know-nothings who dimissed Michigan and Lloyd Carr as has beens did so at their own risk.