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Morning Coffee

The Statesman profiles Iowa State's 6-5 standout wide receiver Todd Blythe. The Other Andrew's email last night is timely: "This weekend's ISU-UT matchup will feature the three greatest white wide receivers of the Big 12.  Blythe, Flynn and Shipley...  Keep hope alive! Keep hope alive!" Indeed.

Mack notes that he's cutting Greg Johnsons's reps in practice in an effort keep him fresh. Also noted is that Hunter Lawrence will redshirt unless he flat out wins the kicking job.

Chip Brown with a nice piece on what went wrong for Michael Griffin against Ohio State.

Kanu has confirmed that the Saturday night switch is permanent. Mike Patrick has replaced Ron Franklin as ESPN's Saturday evening prime time play-by-play man. Devastating. Mike Patrick is decent, but he doesn't have a real sense for the subtleties of the sport (any sport, really), as he constantly overemphasizes the wrong things over and over. This is a sad day in ESPN's gradual, but persistent, spiral toward mediocrity.

The Week 4 Blog Poll is out, as Texas holds steady at #8 among the blogger voters, two spots ahead of BON's #10 ranking for the Horns. Fact is, Texas hasn't defeated a real opponent... yet. The Cyclones offer the first real opportunity.

Billy Volek lied to Jeff Fisher, Kerry Collins was signed, Volek was demoted to third string... and now only Collins stands between Vince and the starting job. And how long, really, can that last? Get excited.

Speaking of Vince - in my post below asking sports writers to quit with the Troy Smith and Vince Young comparisons, I criticized the journalists only. Everything that was written about Smith was positive... makes you wonder why certain Buckeye trolls felt the need to defend Smith. Go back to your cave. Or read a little closer.

Kyle outdoes himself with a post on SEC football as characters from Grey's Anatomy. I've never seen the show, so the comps are rather lost on me, but all the reviews of the article are raves. If you like the show, check out Kyle's great work.