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Lennon Creer Still Interested In Texas

Out of nowhere, the mysterious Lennon Creer has suddenly bumped Texas and Tennessee to the top of his list of potential schools to commit to, according to Rivals. Honestly, I don't know what to make of this. There's been a lot of publicity surrounding this kid - both good and bad - and at first glance, he doesn't seem like a Mack Brown type of kid. After the Ramonce Taylor fiasco, one has to wonder whether Mack might be gun-shy about bringing him in.

Then again, if you believe the scouts, Creer's one of those truly rare players - like, Reggie Bush rare. Would any coach turn down Creer if he wanted to come?

The key in Texas' case is timing. Creer says he's eager to commit soon - before official visits, even. If he's willing to give a solid commitment early and forego visits elsewhere, I can see Mack taking him. If not, it's pretty clear from the Barksdale case that Mack won't wait around for anyone.

For his part, Creer had this to say: "If Texas would accept me, I would like to talk to them again. I grew up a Longhorn fan and they wanted to go in another direction a while ago, so I thought I was off their list. I still haven't talked with them. I never lost interest in them though."

We'll keep you updated, but it's interesting to hear Creer put Texas at the top of his list.